Looking for Barcelona FC tickets? Here you can buy Barcelona football tickets and find all information you need to attend a game of one of the best football teams in the world in the biggest football stadium in Europe.   Image by Tibor Kovacs and cover image by Laureà 1) Online on www.fcbarcelona.com/info-tickets The best […]

March is a great month to visit Barcelona: Spring is in the air and there are plenty of fun things to do. As usual on this blog, we will not be talking about well-known landmarks such as the Sagrada Familia and Park Güell. Instead we present you with 5 original ideas for things to see […]

Barcelona wakes up from his winter sleep. In February the city comes to life again, and the sun brings the first spring feeling. Here are our favorite Barcelona things to do in February. Almost everybody has heard of the Sagrada Familia and La Pedrera. But did you know that Barcelona houses plenty of other masterpieces […]

We introduce you to the 10 things you should definitely do when visiting Barcelona.   The order of our top ten is not random: it provides an introduction to the city’s history. We start with the Roman quarter at the basis of present-day Barcelona and end with its symbols of modernity and avant-garde.   Benvinguts […]

There are so many special things to do in Barcelona. We present you with 5 off the beaten path activities that are not in the guide books and even some locals don’t know about. Forget about fancy brunches with croissants, salmon and champagne. Instead try an authentic Catalan breakfast, the “esmorzar de forquilla” (“breakfast to […]

Here are 5 common mistakes tourists make when visiting Barcelona. Avoid these errors and you’ll get more out of your Barcelona trip. The worst place to eat in Barcelona is on the Ramblas. Most restaurants are overpriced and of poor quality.   Having a meal on the Ramblas can have its advantages in the summer […]

You’ve booked your ticket and are looking for a nice hotel or apartment. Of course the location is important as you don’t want to spend too much time travelling to see the sights. Plus, it’s always a bonus to have some good bars and restaurants in close proximity to your hotel or apartment. So, where […]

When visiting Barcelona, you might want to take a stroll along the Ramblas. But like we mentioned in our post about the 5 mistakes tourists make in Barcelona, you should not have a meal there. So what do you do when you’re on the Ramblas and you’re hungry? Here are 3 excellent tapas bars only […]

In our series “Barcelona top 5 of…”, a Barcelona expert shares his or her favourite things to do and see in Barcelona. We kick off with Marta Rubio.   Horta is the neighbourhood where I grew up and where my family still lives today. No surprise that this is one of my favourite spots! What […]

Barcelona is a beautiful city to visit all year round and November is no exception. Here are a five nice things to do in Barcelona in November. Also in November there is still plenty of sun in Barcelona. You can continue to enjoy its warmth, for example on one of the city’s many picturesque squares. […]