When visiting Barcelona, you might want to take a stroll along the Ramblas. But like we mentioned in our post about the 5 mistakes tourists make in Barcelona, you should not have a meal there. So what do you do when you’re on the Ramblas and you’re hungry? Here are 3 excellent tapas bars only a few minutes walking from the Ramblas.


Bar Cañete is an institute in Barcelona. They serve some of the best tapas in town. Grab a seat behind the bar and enjoy while your order is being prepared in front of your eyes.
Eat & drink Here no patatas bravas or Russian salad like in ‘normal’ tapas bars. But more luxury preparations like tenderloin with foie gras and truffle sauce, lobster ceviche, or exquisite red gambas from Palamós. There is an extensive wine list with different wines that can be ordered by the glass. Look for the wines from Priorat, the best wine region in Catalonia and possibly in the whole of Spain.
Price We paid 61 euro for 4 tapas and 2 glasses of wine. Not cheap, but going to Cañete is an experience you’ll remember for a long time!
Address and opening hours Carrer de la Unió, 17 / Every day from 1pm till 24pm (closed on Sundays) / www.barcanete.com
barcelona tapas barbarcelona ramblas tapas bars One of the tapas we tried: tuna tartare with mascarpone (15,85 €) / You can see the chefs doing their thing


For Basque tapas (pinchos) you head to Irati. Entering the bar will make your mouth water: the pinchos are displayed along the entire length of the bar, a delicious sight.
Eat & drink A pincho consists of a piece of bread with a topping, spiked with a toothpick. Typical pinchos are topped with Spanish ham, cheeses, tortilla, salmon, fish salads… There are very creative and colourful combinations. From time to time waiters come around with plates of hot pinchos.
The Basques drink the Txakoli, a sparkling white wine with a slightly acid flavour. It is served in a special way which is an attraction on its own.
Price Keep the toothpicks on your plate because that’s how the bill will be made. The price is 2 euro per pincho. You rather come to Irati for the small hunger. If you let yourself go (and that’s very tempting!), the bill can go up fast.
Address and opening hours Carrer del Cardenal Casañas, 17 / Every day from 11am till 0.30am / www.iratitavernabasca.com
barcelona tapas barbarcelona ramblas tapas bars
I paid 8,55€ for these 3 pinchos and a glass of Txakoli


Ciudad Condal is one of the most popular tapas bars in the city. After 7 PM and in the weekends it’s always full. The reason is excellent price/quality of the tapas, the friendly service and the nice atmosphere.
Eat & drink Here you eat traditional tapas like patatas bravas, crockettes, ham, pinchos, fried or fresh fish, sea food and so much more. The quality is always top. You can have the tapas accompanied by beer, cava, wine or…sangria if you want to look like a tourist.
Price Prices are reasonable and vary of course depending on what you order. We paid 26€ for patatas bravas, Galician octopus, 2 prawn brochettes, tortilla, 2 chicken croquettes and 2 beers. A fair price for delicious tapas in an authentic setting.
Address and opening hours Rambla de Catalunya, 18 / Every day from 8am till 1h30am
barcelona tapas barbarcelona ramblas tapas bars Patatas bravas (3,95€) and 2 chicken croquettes (2,70€) / The sweet and friendly camareras


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